How many of you are like me out there? I just can't seem to leave a thrift store, yard sale, antique store or estate sale without something.... or 5 somethings? I love furniture and I have officially run out of room for anymore. If more comes in, others have to go out. I have been more than half joking with my husband that we should buy an old house to rehab somewhere in Upstate NY, a vacation getaway that I can fill with all the vintage/antique finds to my hearts content. We will have to file that in the "someday" pile and deal with the "pile" on my dining room table for now.

Where to put all of this...errr... stuff? Eventually they will find their home but... here are some pictures of the pretties below the mess.

Sneak Peak

In an attempt to get started, here are a few pictures of my home.

This is my current project. I haven't decided what color(s) to paint the walls and ceiling. I am working toward a Hollywood Regency style bedroom. I'm trying to avoid my usual phoof!

Boy's Room

No flowers here!

OK... now for the feminine inspired decor......


My Dressing Room/Guest Bedroom

Sun Room

Living Room

Best Laid Plans....

I suppose my idea to start this blog oh so many months ago was a noble one. But here I sit with only one entry. What have I been up to? Since spring arrived I have been on a antiquing, thrift store, estate sale FRENZY!!!! I have purchased more amazing, fun, funky and cute items over the past few months. Photos are forthcoming.
I have also been working on decorating our bedroom in a brand new style for me, Hollywood Regency style. As I always do, I researched first! I have taken out books by and about Kelly Wearstler, Billy Haines and Dorothy Draper. It has been enthralling to learn how to put these looks together. It's still a work in progress but... photos are forthcoming. Maybe you can help me work on my paint choices???
Thanks to those who have left me a comment, I will be visiting your blogs shortly! Let's hope the summer will provide me with some time to post additional blogs.


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