In Honor of Elizabeth Taylor

I, like many of you, have been watching the media coverage of the passing of 
Elizabeth Taylor.  
As I see it, she was a "real mensch" and yet a real person with human flaws and frailties like the rest of us.
She was fascinating to watch as a performer and a celebrity.  
She was quite the beauty!  
So, to honor her life I decided to share some of my favorite photographs of the simply-gorgeous 
Elizabeth Taylor
I absolutely love the cut of this dress!
Maggie the Cat..... This was always one of my favorite movie dresses!
Very Dior!
Looking demure with Richard Burton.
A true bathing beauty!

1 comment:

20thCgirl said...

She really was a beauty!

This has made me want to watch more of her films - I'm intrigued.


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