How many of you are like me out there? I just can't seem to leave a thrift store, yard sale, antique store or estate sale without something.... or 5 somethings? I love furniture and I have officially run out of room for anymore. If more comes in, others have to go out. I have been more than half joking with my husband that we should buy an old house to rehab somewhere in Upstate NY, a vacation getaway that I can fill with all the vintage/antique finds to my hearts content. We will have to file that in the "someday" pile and deal with the "pile" on my dining room table for now.

Where to put all of this...errr... stuff? Eventually they will find their home but... here are some pictures of the pretties below the mess.


ReneƩ's Reproductions said...

WOW, I totally love all your stuff!!! Love the colored glass (aqua & green)!! Love that silver mirror too! I would have a field day looking through all that stuff!!

ReneƩ's Reproductions said...

Love the crystal lamps! Look for some really odd shades, I am sure you can find a spot for them!
xo Renee

prettyshabby said...

Hi Annmarie..thanks for your great message, I've just popped over to say hello and I'm already drooling at your fabulous finds and gorgeous home,I love the old American homes..especially the dutch-style wooden ones like yours they are so very pretty and so much more spacious than ours over in the UK...all the more room to display all those pretties!
S x


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