The Reason I Bought My House

When I first saw my house I fell in love with the sun-room.
Mind you it took
to see past the wood paneling, shag rug and drop ceiling.
All that registered in my mind was the enormous 3 pane windows, french doors and thick molding.
It was 
It's the room I feel most connected to and that's why I chose to share it with you all first.
Everything is a work in progress but I humbly submit these photos of the place in my home I feel most at 

The Sun Room
One of my favorite auction purchases,  it's an antique 
embroidered "sampler" with a distressed gold vintage frame.
A recent find was the vintage picnic basket.
$4.00 at Selden Thrift!!!
I found my vintage strawberry tole lamp on one of my thrifty adventures.
I'm pleased with the way it compliments the strawberry curtains inside the armoire.
I found those at a yard sale.
I just love Vintage Strawberries!   

This armoire was 10 years in the making!
That's how long it has been since I bought it at the 
Salvation Army.
I was pregnant at the time and just knew I was having a girl.  
I had envisioned something similar to the picture above.
As it turned out, I had
So for years this was a dark yellow/gold color with rustic gold handles and lattice work.
Needless to say, having twin boys didn't leave me much time for refurbishing furniture.
I'm tickled PINK at the final result.
Some day I hope to replace this black table with a larger marble top table.
My books need more room to breathe!
I'm hoping for an Eastlake Table with a Carrera Marble top.
I've been trolling Craigslist but haven't hit upon anything just yet.
Do you have one for sale?
This is my little reading nook.  I love to cozy up with some tea and spread my books out and look them over.  The banquette came from Ballard Designs as I couldn't find this one "thrifting".
My pillows are from here, there and everywhere, vintage, new and handmade.....



My collection of plates.
They are mainly Limoge and Bavarian porcelain pieces.
I love them ALL but the greatest SCORE was the Limoge platter at top.
That one was an awesome 
I found it in some one's GARBAGE in pristine condition!

This old wash stand I purchased at a garage sale in my neighborhood.
OK, I have to say it
It's super distressed but has the GREATEST original hardware!
It was filthy dirty when I got it home so I scrubbed it down.
Beneath the grime and some white paint was that floral spray in the center of the top drawer.
You would think I had hit GOLD by my reaction when I saw that coming through!
This is my desk/vanity.  It's still an area that I am working on completing to my specifications. 
I'm trying to find some more wall art or a plate to compliment what already exists.   
Keeping it pretty yet functional has been a challenge for me.

On the computer screen is one of my favorite blogs,
If you haven't been there it's a must see!
It's both beautiful and inspirational!
A couple of old hat boxes
 vintage aprons.
I can't pass up a VINTAGE APRON when I'm out

This side table was a dark brown wood when I picked it up at the 
thrift store.
It holds some of my favorite pieces
A pink vanity mirror, my parents crystal lamp 
and that 
fabulous WEDGEWOOD vase.
Now that you have toured my 
won't you sit down,
put your feet up,
and join me for some tea?
Will that be one lump or two?


Anonymous said...

I love the basket. It is large and looks perfect as decoration. It also blends nicely with your decor.

Witchcrafted Life said...

That sign is so immensely beautiful. I too would have gravitated to it immediately, if I spotted it in a shop.

Thank you very much for your lovely comments recently. I sincerely appreciate you stopping by Chronically Vintage and sharing your thoughts with me.

Wishing you a blissfully wonderful day & coming month of December!

LANA said...

Well, hello, hello! I stumbled across your blog whilst searching for a "Home Sweet Home" picture. I love your house and I see why you do too. I notice you have not blogged much lately. Wow - we have SO MUCH in common. I live on Long Island and love all the same things you do. And I have been to Seldon thrift. (a while ago). If you receive this comment please write back I am anxious to get to know you. And by the way I am also a fan of Kim on Daisy Cottage, although she has started another website for her photos. Come visit me first if you want to learn more about me. My blog is www.lifeatwildberrycottage.com. and I am on facebook. Hoping to hear from you.

Historically Vintage said...

Thanks for stopping by Lana! Yes, we sure do have a lot in common. I stopped by your lovely blog and left you a comment and became a follower too. I have another blog which I have updated more recently, www.VintageLifeandStyle.com which is devoted to vintage clothing and glamour. Stop by and say hello. Looking forward to learning more about you too.


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