About Me: My Life as a Southern Belle

How exactly did I become the 
"Historically Vintage Girl" 
I am today?
Growing up in North Babylon, New York I had access to an enormous 463 acre park which was just a short bike ride or stroll from my family home.   

Belmont Lake State Park 
was named after the man who had owned and developed the land,  
August Belmont, Sr. 1813-1890.
The park still exists in its full glory and features a 26 acre spring fed lake, bike/jogging paths, horse stable, playgrounds, picnic facilities, baseball fields and basketball courts.  My friends and I were so fortunate and we took advantage of it all!  
During the summer months groups of us would take out the row boats and race each other around the lake.  It always ended with us falling in the water.  
Some memories cannot be erased from one's mind!  
Exactly what exists beneath the murky water can best be described as 
swamp water, pond scum and sticky gooey gak!
Did I mention that trout and bass live in there?  Oh and swans and geese...... Well you get the picture!

There is a lovely little waterfall feature that was our preferred "hangout".  
I think you can see why.

So how exactly did this wondrous playground inspire me to become the  
historically vintage girl I am today? 
How could this space be related to my life as a  
Southern Belle? 

Well this is why.....
You see in my uneducated and fantastically imaginative mind, this was my
 Antebellum Mansion!

Give me a large building with a few columns and my creative fantasies were born!

During my visits to the park, I had imagined myself adorning an enormous white dress with tiers of ruffles and an abundance of petticoats and undergarments.  
Why Miss Scarlet O'Hara herself had nothing over fictitious lil' me!  
(Reread the above sentence with an over the top southern accent.)

As I would float down the brick walkway, the rows of tulle, lace and organza would gracefully bounce around me as I moved.  

I would head toward the round driveway where my 
horse and carriage awaited my arrival.

Whilst in my carriage I would imagine navigating the grounds of my plantation.  
I would read a book by the lake, 
I would catch a glimpse of the wildlife scurrying about, 
I'd visit with Perry, my favorite horse at the stable, 
I would meet a friend for tea in the gazebo 
I would end my day back at my antebellum mansion.  

Exhausted from my adventures, I'd return to my mansion carrying my large floppy bonnet.  I'd ascend the stairs, walk between the white columns and enter through the large black double doors.  

There my fantastic imagination would rest until its next adventure.

 In reality....
This beautiful building was not an antebellum mansion, it was not in the south and it was never a house.  The fact is, this building was built in 1936 and served as one of Robert Moses' offices.  

The Bowery Boys
 Robert Moses, was one of the most influential people in New York State during the mid 1900's.  He was instrumental in planning and carrying out the development of modern day New York.  He was a polarizing character whose supporters and detractors had legitimate facts to support their beliefs.

"My Antebellum Mansion"
 now serves as the home to the New York State Park Police and the administrative home of the Long Island State Parks Department.  

I wonder if they are ever visited by the ghost of my childhood fantasies since they still reside within those walls.....

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