Thrifty Weekend

Ahhhh!  Finally, Spring is in the air.....
and for me that means hunting season!

This weekend I gathered up my fabulous sister-in-law and hit the streets to unearth some 
Hidden Treasure.

Our first stop was an estate sale in Nesconset, NY run by

The sale consisted of both the house and the garage.  

In the house I found 2 lovely little trinkets.
The first was this Oh So Cute green Slag Glass vase.  
It's just perfect for my Lily of the Valley once they are in bloom.  

Next I found this vintage floral scrapbook.  
Hello Springtime!  

The piece de resistance was unearthed during a 
major dig  in the garage.

precious yellow lawn chairs 
were hanging on the garage wall.
They are in fabulous condition for their age and were the envy of all the other treasure hunters including the Sister-In-Law.  
Thanks to a very helpful gentleman who dug them out of massive piles of ummmmm... stuff!  
Thank you sir wherever you are!!!

In the end we only found 3 chairs.  
My guess is somewhere in that garage there still exists one more yellow chair.  
I hope wherever it lands, it's as cherished as these are.

Further into our journey we visited
Island Thrift 
which is now located on Route 112 in Medford, NY.
This was the first time I visited this thrift store since it moved from Port Jefferson, NY.
It's a great new space!
Nice and Clean.

While there I found these 
dainty lil' yellow shoes with a bow on top.
They are reminiscent of 1940's shoes with the peep toe styling.

I also found this vibrant aqua & orange paisley scarf.

I truly love finding vintage scarves on my treasure hunts which brings me to our last stop.

Early on a chilly Saturday morning we headed to an old house in Sayville, NY to a house auction.

This was the first time I had been to an estate auction in a house.  
I was there more as an observer and student and boy did I get an education!

There were 3 items I was interested in.  
First was a pink marble table with a mismatched base, 
second a huge white wicker plant stand with an arch over it for hanging a flower basket or a bird cage. Lastly, there were 4 drawers FULL OF VINTAGE SCARVES!  

The auction started in the living room and each of  
were in different rooms of the house.  
While Wendy did a super job at moving quickly through the house, I just didn't have the time that day to stay.  It would have taken a long time to get to each room and payment was expected at the completion of the auction.  
Time just wouldn't allow for it.
Next time I will clear the day so I can bring home some 

If you are in need of household items, trinkets and treasures, I fully recommend one of WENDY'S auctions.  You will spend pennies on the dollar compared to other venues.

To sum up my thrifty weekend
I found a few little gems to add to my collection 
all for $27.30.  

Welcome Spring!

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