About Me: Shoe Box Mansion

How exactly did I become the 
"Vintage Girl" 
I am today?

I distinctly recall a few catalysts that fueled my imagination as a young girl.

 Yours Truly

My fascination with architecture and design occurred quite innocently in the 1970's.  It all began when my cherished and frugal aunt who lived next door shared her 
Home and Garden 
magazines with my mother every few months.

 My mother demonstrated mild interest in the magazines herself but I consumed them with much exuberance!  I wouldn't merely flip through the pages. OH NO!  I would carefully cut out each of my favorite design photos and place them in a large shopping bag for further "processing".

You see, all those photos depicting the best of 1970's interior design had a greater purpose.  All the mushroom wallpaper, shag carpets, sunken living rooms, geometric wall art, chrome and glass furniture would serve as a backdrop for my


 I was building my very own 

Each of the shoe boxes I had amassed served as a room in my imaginary mansion.  I would tape or glue my favorite pictures to the interior of the boxes then, I would stack the boxes to form my mansion. 

Sadly my original work of genius design went the way of the 
harvest gold and avocado green 
appliances of the time.  

They all ended up in the local dump.  


No grainy, faded photos exist of my 1970's palace so your imagination will be required to envision my  
DynOmite Crib.  
I assure you it was totally  

To Be Continued.......


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My mom showed mellow enthusiasm for the magazines herself however I expended them with much richness! I wouldn't simply flip through the pages.

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